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Is there a way to add more ram slots without a new mother bo ... Jul 28, 2008 ... Is there a way to add more ram slots without a new mother bo .... Computer only has 2 slots and even a couple of 512's are out of my budget ... Can I put 2 RAM sticks in a 2 RAM slot motherboard? - Quora Can you install 3 sticks of DDR4 RAM in a motherboard, or only 2 and 4? ... Can I insert 2 RAM in a single memory slot or RAM slot? 430 Views. motherboard - Installing 2 DDR3 Sticks in MB with 4 Slots - Super User

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Incorrect number of SODIMM memory slots available in Task ... In looking at my options, I found that within the Performance tap of Task Manager that it shows my laptop having "Slots used: 2 of 4" so I had hoped to use the other two ports for additional memory. However, according to the hardware specifications for my laptop, there are only 2 x SODIMM slots available for use. Intel says CPU only supports dual channel RAM, but the ... No. They only have a dual channel memory controller. They support up to two dual channel sets, however, at least that's the most I've ever seen on a board.the Kabylake lake X parts still used the same memory controller so when you stuck it in a board with 8 dimm slots (dual quad channel) half of your slots were disabled.

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Best Answer: If your computer motherboard has 4 slots and the max that your motherboard can support is 8Gb, then 2Gb per slot is the max. You can not use 2 - 4Gb sticks. You need 4 - 2Gb sticks. Is there any way to increase the amount of DIMM slots in a ... I have a computer with 2GB of RAM, and will eventually change the whole motherboard, but for now I only need more memory. The problem is that the motherboard is DDR2 and only has two DIMM slots, used by two DDR2 1GB sticks. Only 2 ram slots - From The Community. Try Prime All I Have 2 RAM Slots, Can I Use Both of them? | Yahoo Answers If you have 2 RAM slots, then you can normally put memory into both of them. How much memory depends on the system. Without knowing the make and model of the PC or laptop, nobody can guess what its limits are.

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PC only works with ram in slots 3 and 4 - Memory - Tom's ... solved Only 2 of 4 RAM slots work on Z170 Pro Gamer Mobo Ram slots 3/4 not working i have equipped my ram slots with a 4gb ram and 2 gb ram. the device is showin 6 gb ram. but it gives access only ... Can you have uneven memory in the two memory slots? - iFixit Can you have uneven memory in the two memory slots? ... the 12 gb chip in the other set of slots,if available ,or take out the 8gb altogether and run the 12gb,since the slots only allow 16gb total.if you had 4 slots you could put the 8gb in the first pair then on the other pair of slots add the 12 gb giving you 20 gb and leaving two empty slots ... I have 4 ram slots but they are weird | Tom's Guide Forum I have 4 ram slots , 2 of them are filled. I cant find the other 2 ram slots in the laptop Plz help. My laptop is Lenovo z50-70... Menu Menu. Forums Search. Search titles only ... Your laptop only has two slots for memory and you can put a maximum of 16GB with 2 8GB sticks. 0 A. Ak ahmadkoblawi Estimable. Jan 23, 2015 12 0 4,560 0. Feb 19, 2015 Why are we putting RAM sticks into 2nd and 4th slot first? | Tom's ...