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Slot Loading Disc Drive vs. Jun 24, Messages: Which one do you prefer? Feb 22, Messages: I've never seen a slot-loading drive on a PC except for floppies.I think slot loading is great, this after I accidentally kicked my tray clean off the drive after I burned a disk and didn't realize that the tray had... Slot Loading DVD Drive vs Tray Loading DVD Drive – Advantages The primary question that comes for everyone while buying laptop is whether to buy slot loading DVD drive or tray loading DVD drive? Instructions for use Washing Machine. Contents Fmsgn PDF Instructions for use Washing Machine Contents GB GB English,1 CZ Česky,13 SK Slovensky,25 Installation, 2-3 Unpacking and levelling Connecting the electricity and water supplies The first wash cycle Technical Instructions for use Washing Machine. Contents Fmsgn PDF

"Slot loading" means you just slide the disc into the slot and the drive "sucks it in." 8. All tray-loading drives, and some slot-loading drives, have eject buttons on them. If your current drive has an eject button, make note of whether the eject button is toward the left side of the drive or toward the right side, and order a replacement that ...

I wonder what is better, the CD/DVD drives with slot loading, or those with tray loading? It could be just a matter of personal preference, for all I know. But since I have never seen a slot drive before, I won't know for sure. From what I see, the slot-based drives tend to be a touch more expensive. Is it a sign of better quality? Leo slot loading DVD drive? - Ars Technica OpenForum A disc gets stuck in a tray loading drive, you poke a pin in it and pull it out. A disc gets stuck in a slot loading drive, and you get the fun of tearing down the whole thing - particularly if it ...

Pioneer used to be really popular when DVD burning really hit mainstream because of their slot load drives. It's just cool. Mechanically speaking, pretty much every car made in the last 10 years has a slot load CD drive so they are reliable. It's just not what we're used to in the PC market.

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I am wondering if I bought some cheap DVD-+R drive and a Slot Loading drive if i could take the slot loading mechanism out of it and put it in the DVD+-R. If there ...

Slot load vs. tray load DVD roms - Ars Technica… Slot-loading drive: 1. Eject disc. You still have to take the disc out. The mechanism that wipes the disc, unlike a floppy, is actually detrimental toSo, contact with the tray, which should theoretically be only static as you state, can get quite dynamic in real life. In a slot-loading drive, that soft dust guard is... Slot Loading Drives VS. Tray-loading drives |… My concern with slot loading drives vs tray drives isn't the durability of the tray. I've still got the ultra cheap drive that came with my original desktop 5+ years ago and the tray is the last thing to worry me about the drive. I'm worried about my $500+ collection of games, music, and movies. Slot-loading vs tray-loading vs top-loading drives |… I prefer tray-loading drives because they offer the least friction on the optical media AFAIK. Also, I feel like A LOT more can go wrong with a slot-loading drive, even though my experience with tray-loading drives are usually 5+ years and the rubber band dries up which makes it difficult to eject the tray. Optical Drive Loading Mechanism [tray vs slot] | Forum