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Remember to select the same deductible amount on each coverage, for each quote you get. Once you've ... of agent Scott. Scott educates teens on safe driving.

You drive from home to meet your first client. That trip is commuting and it isn't deductible. Then you visit four more clients during the day, ending up at client number five. All of these trips are business-realted and deductible. Then you head home. This last trip, the "heading home" part of commuting, is not deductible. Professional Gamblers Can Now Fully Deduct Business ... Home Professional Gamblers Can Now Fully Deduct Business Expenses. Professional Gamblers Can Now Fully Deduct Business Expenses ... out of pocket expenses like driving to and from a casino and any ... Taxes for business travelers: What is and isn't deductible

Gambling losses are indeed tax deductible, but only to the extent of your winnings. ... lotteries; raffles; horse and dog races; casino games; poker games; and sports betting ... Tax Tips for Uber Driver-Partners: Understanding Your Taxes.

Foxwoods is easy to find from major highways in Connecticut, so give your GPS a rest and follow these driving directions if you are traveling to the casino by car. Directions to Foxwoods from New York City: Follow I-95 North to Exit 92 in Connecticut. Is This Deductible? Biking, Driving, and Busing to Work ... If you drive, fly, bus or bike for work, then you may qualify for tax deductions or reimbursements. Many different people choose many different means of transportation for work each day. And not just the daily grind, but work-related conferences, business trips, and a long list of other work-related travel.

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If you have Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage (UM PD), then you can usually recover all or part of the collision deductible. In my state, the statutory UM PD deductible is $200, so you could recover for a collision deductible greater than this amount with only $200 out of pocket.

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So I won a 10,000 dollar jackpot from a slot machine last week. I opted NOT to take out federal tax when the casino paid me, I did have them take out state tax though. From what I understand the standard tax deduction is 6,000 (I am a single individual with no I Lost my W2G from a casino. I know all the info except the ... I Lost my W2G from a casino. I know all the info except the Federal tax id code. They won't give me any info over the phone and I can't go in person because of distance. They say they can't mail me another w2G or give me ANY information over the The Mileage Deduction: What to Know ... - BookKeeping Express Like offices, the cost of driving between job sites is deductible. Drives to and from client meetings – You can deduct the cost of driving to meet your clients, whether it be at their home, place of business or another location, like a restaurant or coffeeshop. When Is a Drive to Work Tax Deductible? | Liberty Tax® So let’s go over when a drive to work is and isn’t tax deductible. Is My Commute Deductible? It’s important to understand that your commute is never deductible, even if you have one of those mega-commutes. This means you can’t deduct your first trip from